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7 Minute Money Review By Brad Jackson Does 7 Minute Money Scam Or The Best System To Make Money? 7 Minute Money Review

I’ll admit onset that I was at some point in the beginnings of my career , I think as others , many that deserves to be up to the world , and that the world is falling short in not Find 7 Minute Money of creativity to invest it , or as you think that well at the time, even if some of which I have a wonderful thing as a technology into around me who tried to encourage me , but investors do not invest in specific technology per 7 Minute Money , but to acquire them or buy their rights and therefore thought is was a misnomer to me and I liked to make it clear that those after me and is still in that stage to know the right way and the difference between the purchase and investment and how you can find investors to invest in your project with ease , God willing,
At the outset I would like to emphasize the previous point is you have an application or a product which was and this application or technical ( product) integrated ready ( and holds the rights to register ) , you are often looking for a buyer of such rights or technology so that it is marketed or adopted or developed or which was
So where comes the investor – I repeat, the investor is not a buyer – investor is a person who enters with you , risking his money and more than that , ie its relations and experiences , and even perhaps his time to working with you or to provide advice and consultation , this investor pumping money with you and he must make sure that these Face the proper disposal of the funds in place or required to obtain a return which hoped for , or at least to ensure no loss of money in place and this is not true of the right
I know first Dear Finder investor , that investor invests You are personally more than his investment product and therefore may not be trusted 100% of your product and its success is a risk with you you personally because he is sure of your abilities to reach the final , or in the event of failure , you have to do everything you can or maybe you can change and direct you to work on something successful without feeling of hopelessness and failure, and this will be invested in the right place and not a spree ends quickly
If we know that the investor invests your personally if what I have to offer ? Question correct opinion of what you have to prove ? And it it is my experience simple and my reading and my personal experiences with about 9 investors different in a period of 6 months to search for investment , some of them from the contact Ali and view and others I have to go to him and demand , and in all cases was a wonderful experience I’ve learned a lot of them and every time I learn something more to add to my list while looking for an investor in the next , or what I want from the next investor presentation on his investment , knowing that I did and thankfully I run any of the investors profiteers who would like Ackley , but all of them were splendor and gain at all levels , and this increases the difficulty of choice
Before I begin I would like to distinguish that there precipitant types of investors, and they are
The first section is called ( friends , family and fools ) and they are called in English (3 F) (Family Friends & Fools) and often these are the first stage where we can get them some money without having to prove to them a lot or a little passion can get their money
The second section , which some call an investment with transgressed him a technology incubators and is not an investor , but is the environment temporary help you to stand on your feet and are usually after the first stage , which asks you to enter the market and the presence of the place and here provided a lot of incubators that are available and that the government usually
Section III investors good ( Angels ) (Angel investors) do not know the secret of this name or What sets them apart from the average investor , but according to Mausbandth so far that these investors are less demanding and more patient and perhaps less contribution to the heads of big money , but they Bmkhatrthm work with you at an early stage they ask for a large share of the project and may also help you more with their time , but more importantly, that these investors were individuals and not companies invest and may be a group of individual investors or network united individuals under this section and therefore have to deal with them is easier than the owners of the fourth stage
Investment companies and companies are big or small , but they are investing with you as an entity and not as an individual with an individual , and here you find a lot of complexity and hard work , but an advanced stage usually be after a proven product itself and start Badr money and it turns over its expansion and usually be the the fourth leg , which tends to everyone and even angel investors in the third stage is always trying to get to this point to begin to turn a profit by selling a percentage of their share or the whole
At first you have to prove your faith , including the extent of progress and the extent of your passions and by the extent to which access Todd , do you quickly and frustrates those who feel despair and withdraw in the middle of the road?
Break and then continue in more detail in how you prove yourself and how you can find an investor who is ready to invest in your 7 Minute Money project